Aiden Lanier is a recurring character featured in The Originals. He is an Evolved Werewolf. Aiden was originally working with Esther Mikaelson and Finn Mikaelson, leading a band of werewolves loyal to them. Eventually he betrayed them, joining forces with Hayley Marshall and Jackson Kenner. After joining forces with them, he also formed an alliance with Marcel Gerard and his vampire army, ultimately became the boyfriend of Joshua Rosza.

Aiden was a member of  the Crescent Wolf Pack.

History Edit

Little is known about Aiden's early life. It was revealed by Jackson that Aiden came out to him as gay when he was seventeen years old, and in response, Jackson gave him the "Love is Love" speech. It was also revealed by Hayley that he, Jackson and Oliver were great friends and were always together.

When he was 9, Aiden became close with his cousin Travis, after Travis came to live with him and his family after Travis' mother was murdered by French Quarter vampires. Four years later, Aiden's life was in danger, and Travis killed a man to save his cousin, Travis becoming cursed as a result, to Aiden's dismay. Aiden would then visit with Travis every full moon until Aiden himself triggered his gene.

Aiden is said to have triggered his gene when he was 18 after killing an unknown human. After triggering the gene, Aiden was cursed for a while until Hayley broke the Crescent Curse.