The Current Regent of the Nine Witch Covens of New Orleans and the twin sister of Brynne Deveraux.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Christine was born in the year 1958. She started displaying magical potential at the age of 8, and was said by many to be a talented witch by the age of 17, having devoted her life to practising and studying witchcraft and various forms of magic.

Becoming the Regent Edit

Christine became the Regent sometime after Josephine's death at the hands of Dahlia. In 3x01 AU, Christine is seen addressing the witch elders of the nine covens, ordering them to keep the members of their coven out of vampire territory so as to avoid a turf war with the vampires. One of the elders, Kara, disapproves of this, and attempts to leave the meeting early in protest, only for Christine to harm her with her magic, coldly telling Kara she had not been excused yet.

Appearances Edit

3x01: Phases (First Appearance)