Nora Hildegard is a member of the Heretics who had a relationship with fellow member, Mary Louise. She was first seen in A Bird in a Gilded Cage, stuck in the 1903 Prison World with Lillian Salvatore, Malcolm, Valerie, Oscar, Beau and Mary Louise.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Nora Hildegard was born in 1846 to a pair of Gemini Coven witches. Three years later, in 1849, her little brother, Thomas Hildegard was born. Nora was very close with her mother and Thomas growing up, that is, until her family discovered that she was a siphoner, to their horror. Her parents turned Thomas against her, and when she was 14, her parents attempted to kill her, only for Malcolm to intervene, saving her life. Malcolm then took her to meet Lily and Nora severed all ties she had with the Gemini Coven.

In 1865, on Nora's 19th birthday, Nora begged Lily to sire her, and as a birthday gift, Lily complied, turning Nora into a Heretic.

1880 Edit

At some point during this year, Nora got together with Mary Louise and they've been dating ever since.

1903 Edit

Nora and the Heretics traveled from England, back to America on a ship. Lily found a friend (Enzo), whom was dying of consumption. Lily took pity on him and turned him into a vampire intending him to be a new member of the family. Just before docking, Lily and the Heretics drained and killed everyone on the ship. On the docks, they were confronted by the Gemini Coven and were sent to the prison world, where they were cursed to relive that same day, over and over again.

1903-2013 Edit

After spending many years in the prison worlds, they eventually began to run low on blood. They had already drained every butcher on foot. The Heretics made a sacrifice and let themselves desiccate so that Lily could live on. Nora dessicated while holding Mary Louise's hand.

Personality Edit

As a Siphoner Edit

As a siphoner, Nora was a carefree individual, that had a deep love for her mother and brother and valued family above all else. After learning she was a siphoner, Nora went out of her way to try and hide what she was from her family, fearing their rejection. Once her family found out, she found herself hated and discriminated against, just as she had feared. However, after being taken in by Lily, Nora adopted the belief that we get to choose our family, and that being different shouldn't make her feel worse, it should make her feel better, more powerful.

As a Heretic Edit

Nora is described as the "fun, adventurous" type. Mary Louise's constant doting can sometimes feel a bit smothery for fiery Nora's liking as a part of Nora still craves independence. Still, anyone foolish enough to cross either of them will feel both their wrath's. Nora also has a passion for trying new things, unlike Mary Louise. She also may not get along with many people, but she is fiercely protective over her loved ones, especially Mary Louise.