Travis Lanier is the older, paternal cousin of Aiden Lanier, and a werewolf belonging to the Crescent Clan. As of 3x01 AU, he is the Alpha of the Crescents. He is portrayed by Louis Hunter.

History/Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Travis was born to a werewolf father and a human mother sometime in the year 1990. He was said to cry surprisingly little as an infant. Not long after he turned one, the Crescents were cursed by the witch Brynne Deveraux on behalf of Marcel Gerard. The curse meant that any werewolves who had triggered their werewolf gene were now trapped in wolf form for 29 days out of month, including his father. Travis was then raised by his human mother, up until he was 10 and his mother was killed by one of Marcel's vampires. After his mother was murdered, he went and lived with his cousins Aiden and Nick, and their family.

Triggering the Curse Edit

At the age of 14, Travis killed someone protecting his cousin Aiden, leading to Travis triggering his werewolf gene, and by extension, the Crescent Curse. Travis was then trapped in his wolf form 29 days out of the month, to Aiden's dismay.